Parkinsons Badminton

Parkinson’s Badminton Sessions

The first of six badminton sessions for people with Parkinson’s
was held at Abbeydale Park Badminton Club (APBC) this morning,
Thursday Feb 18th 2016. Organised by Tim Hale (APBC Committee member and
a PD patient himself) and led by Abbeydale Badminton coach Vicki Smith.

Shuttles and rackets were provided by the club, full session costs are
being met by the Sheffield Parkinson’s society although there is a £5 per session
charge for participants.

There were seven players at the session, which started with some warm-up
exercises, went on to basic shot training for those not already familiar
with the sport, and proceeded with swap-round shot practice at serving,
lift, clear and drop. The session continued with some genuine games,
mixing players of like ability in order to try to create a balanced pairing.

The hour and a half session concluded with tea and biscuits and a
consensus that this had been a useful and fun session for all concerned.

These are believed to be the first sessions of this type in Sheffield,
and it is hoped to build them up to perhaps a dozen or so regular
players as word spreads.

Next session is on Thursday 25th Feb starting at 10.00am.

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