APBC have always enjoyed a strong, active adult membership. We have adult players ranging from 18 to in their 80’s playing at all levels. Most adult play is during the evenings but we do offer daytime and weekend availability for members to come down and play.

We have a range of evenings suited to different styles and different standards of play, which can viewed to the right of the page.

We encourage prospective new members to contact us before coming down so we can help you find the most appropriate day to suit your needs.

You can find definitions of our playing standards below but the best way to find out where you fit in is to come along one evening (Friday night is our suggestion), find a committee member and have a chat!

Yonex Team kit for adult members is available in the Yonex Club Shop or from Ian at

Standards Table
Standard Description
Beginner Has never played before or played occasionally and has little playing experience. Doesn't know the rules and doesn't know the court layout. Or is coming to badminton from another sport.
Improver Knows rules and how to score. Understands court layout and can serve and sustain a short rally. Understands club playing rules (tag system etc).
Social Player Knows how to play and can serve and sustain a rally. Is able to play both backhand and forehand shots. Can score and knows basic court positions as well as apply some tactics. Is fit enough to run round the court to reach shots. Regular social players will also know club playing rules (tag system etc.) and should know who most people are so they can pick balanced games.
Competitive Player A good standard of club player and plays in one of the higher plastics teams or is deemed good enough to play in a team (as may be determined by the selection committee).
Team Player Is a nominated player in one of the teams at the following levels. Feathers is any feathers team. Plastics is MP3 or above or LP2 or above or CP3 or above.
Advanced Player Plays in a Feathers Team or is a reserve for such a team. Plays at an equivalent standard (as may be determined by the selection committee).

Evening Sessions

Evening Sessions
Day Sessions
Mon Social / Competitive (plastics)
Tues Advanced Players (feathers)
Wed Team Practice (plastics)
Thurs Advanced Player (feathers)
Fri Improvers / Social play (plastics)
Sat Hall usually available for members to play
Sun Social / Competitive (feathers)

Daytime Sessions

Daytime Sessions
Day Sessions
Mon am Intermediate / Competitive (plastics)
Wed am Intermediate / Competitive (plastics)