Leagues & Teams

Leagues & Teams

If you are interested in competitive play then APBC is a good place to be, as a club we field lots of teams in the Badminton Sheffield league and Chesterfield league.

Within the local league there are divisions for feathers teams and divisions for plastics play catering for all levels of players

We enter a variety of teams over a broad spectrum of standards, we have women’s, men’s and combined (mixed) teams ranging from social/competitive to a very high standard of competitive player. Team players are encouraged to wear Team kit during matches which is available from the Yonex Club Shop.

Details of all Sheffield League match venues can be found on the map opposite or on the Badminton Sheffield website here.

You can also follow the teams’ league standings throughout the season by clicking on the relevant league below.


View The Sheffield Leagues Here
View The Chesterfield Leagues here

Daytime Sessions
Feathers Leagues Division Plastics Leagues Division
Men's A 1 Men's 1 1
Men's B 2 Men's 2 2
Men's C 3 Men’s 3 4
Men's Chesterfield 2 Ladies’ 1 1
Ladies' A 1 Ladies’ 2 2
Ladies' Chesterfield 1
Combined A 1 Combined 1 1
Combined B 1 Combined 2 2
Mixed Chesterfield 2 Combined 3 3

For any queries regarding match fixtures please contact Match Secretary Martin Proctor via email at matchsec@abbeydalebadminton.co.uk

Match Paperwork

Here you can view the scorecards and the Sheffield League Rules.