If you would like to join Abbeydale Park Badminton Club please fill in this form. You will be sent an e-mail straight away detailing our membership plans (if you don't get it please check your spam junk e-mail).

Please choose the plan for you (Full Senior, Day, Student etc) and fill in your details on GoCardless. Once you have set up the direct debit you are a member. You can find out more about the membership categories and fees at the bottom of this page.

If applying for a junior please enter their name and DOB but parent/guardians contact details.

Membership Application Form
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We welcome visitors to come down, play and try us out for yourself. You can visit up to 3 times before we ask you to decide whether or not you would like to become a member. Though people usually make up their mind before the fourth visit!
For the visits adults pay £5, students and juniors pay £2.50.

Please see our ‘standards of play’ on the Senior page to decide which session would be most appropriate for you to attend. If you remain unsure as to which night best fits your playing experience please contact the committee. We recommend visitors come down on a Friday first to join in the social evening and from there we can see which nights are suitable for future visits.

As well as the badminton, membership to Abbeydale Park Badminton Club includes membership at the on-site Abbeydale Sports Clubhouse Bar; giving you a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy a drink or food.


Senior Fees
Subscription Type Description Fee Per month
Full Member Over 18 23.00
Day Member Play up until 16.30 11.96
Student Member In Full time education under 24 11.25
Junior Member Under 18 but not enrolled in the Junior Club coaching sessions 8.33
Country Member Play rarely due to residential location 7.36
Student Country Member Play rarely due to residential location 5.50
Family Member Occasional play with child members 4.00

Subscriptions are renewable each year and run from 1st August to 31st July.

* For details of junior coaching please see the Junior tab.

Feathers Fees

Additional Feathers fees are payable on nights when feathers are being used (Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays). These fees are in addition to the Visitor fee, if applicable. The feathers fee for this year is £2.50 per person, per night, this is to cover the extra cost of shuttlecocks for the evening which are provided by the club. The club uses high quality Yonex Aerosensa 30 feather shuttlecocks for all club nights and matches.

Team players are encouraged to wear Team kit during matches which is available from the Yonex Club Shop.

The Club rules are being reviewed to bring them up to date. They will be ratified at the next AGM on the 14th October and available for download soon after.

Please read the APBC Club Rules.