CP1 vs Broomgrove 2

Combined Plastics 1 vs Broomgrove 2, 6 – 3, (Win) 4th Jan

First match of the new year a “slightly heavier than 2016” CP1 team took on Broomgrove 2 at Abbeydale last night. After previously beating the Broomgrove first team away in an epic encounter, hopes were high of a quick victory. However it soon became apparent that Broomgrove 2 were in the mood for a contest…and so it began.

The men’s and ladies doubles went past fairly quickly. The Broomgrove men playing very well, shutting out the men’s doubles and the Abbeydale ladies leveling it up at 2-2.

The next two mixed rubbers were critical and epic, both long rubbers going to 3 with some great effort from both teams. They were split 1-1 after Damian & Jenny lost 22-20 in the third end (gutted) and Ian & Rachel managed to win after an equally draining encounter.

Poised a 3-3 the next two mixed went on. 1st lady and man, Sarah and Ray put in a commanding performance to win their rubber swiftly and Damian and Jenny showed the kind of performance they are capable of. Match won 5-3.

Last rubber Ian and Rachel managed to let slip a 20-12 lead in the first game but came back to win leaving the final score 6-3 to Abbeydale. Great work from Rachel winning all 3 rubbers in a CP1 match for the first time. Another notch on the way to the title (dreaming!). Ranmoor next week.