Please see the calendar below for the availability of the courts. Where there are no events shown, you can assume that all five courts are free (although please note that other members may also turn up at any time – where there are more members attending than courts available, you must take it in turns, playing a game each before swapping). You may find it easier to view availability on the calendar by using the weekly view, available via the tabs on the top right-hand side of the calendar.

Some events shown on the calendar do not require all five courts, in which case you are welcome to attend and use any courts which are not booked. Most events should show the number of courts used.

As we are a members club, our courts are not available to be used or booked by the public, or non-members. However, members can turn up and use them at any time when they’re free. Please note that non-members will not be able to access the hall, as the doors are locked by access code. See the FAQ’s page for more information.