Our full and student membership categories for Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening club nights are now frozen, as our club has been extremely busy recently. We will operate a waiting list system for membership on these nights. We are still accepting membership requests for other club nights, subject to ability.

To join the waiting list, or if you plan to play on other club nights as a full or student member, please use our contact form.

Junior members and day members can still join directly using the direct debit sign-up links below.

Because of this we’re not currently allowing visitors on Fridays, please do not visit the club on any of the above mentioned club nights.

How to play at the club

If you are planning to visit the club for the first time, you are very welcome to join us on a Friday evening at 7:30pm. Our nights are roughly organised by playing ability – Friday night is our most inclusive night for all, using plastic shuttles, and you will be able to chat to some of our members. Due to the club being particularly busy, and a reduced number of courts, we have paused new memberships for some club nights. As such we are not currently accepting visitors on a Friday.

If you have significant experience in playing badminton, you may prefer to visit on a Sunday evening at 7:30pm. This is played with feathers and is aimed at a more advanced level (minimum level: ‘competitive player’, according to our playing standards table below).

In some cases we may be able to accomodate new members or visitors coming to alternative club nights according to the calendar below, but it is important that you contact us first – unfortunately you may not be permitted to play if you attend a night unsuitable for your playing ability. Contacting us first will help to prevent any uncomfortableness in this regard! These rules are to ensure fun games for all.

Visitors can attend the club for three (3) sessions before we ask you to decide on joining the club or not. Visitor fees are £5 for adults and students, or £2.50 for juniors. There is a £3 surcharge for feathers nights to cover the shuttles. We are unable to provide any equipment, so you must bring your own racket, and it is imperative that you bring clean, indoor, non-marking court shoes.

For information specifically for Juniors, including coaching and child welfare, please see the page on Junior Membership.

Membership fees

Subscription TypeDescriptionCost Per Month
Full MemberOver 1826.50
Day MemberPlay up until 16:3013.75
Student MemberIn full-time education, and under 2413.00
Junior MemberUnder 18, but not enrolled in the Junior Club coaching sessions9.25
Country MemberPlay rarely due to residential location (averaging less than 2 sessions/month)
Student Country MemberQualify for student member, but also play rarely due to residential location

How to join the club

To join our club, please click the appropriate button above. Prospective Day and Junior members can visit Gocardless; our online subscription provider, to set up a direct debit directly. Payments are taken on the 1st of every month. Full and student members may submit a contact form request to discuss joining options.

For Country or Student Country memberships, please contact us directly and we will discuss your requirements.

Key information

  • Full or Student members can play at the badminton hall whenever they want, outside of planned sessions (see the court availability calendar). They may also attend any group sessions, subject to ability.
  • As some group sessions are busier than others, we may at times freeze memberships for the particularly busy sessions – while full members are entitled to attend any session they wish, we ask you to stick to the sessions you stated interest in when joining (if appropriate) and ask a committee member before trying a different one.
  • Day members may play at the badminton hall, as above, up until 16:30. They cannot attend evening group sessions.
  • A key is required to access the badminton hall outside of planned sessions – these can be bought by adult members in good standing for £5.
  • Junior members under 18 are not permitted to play in the hall unsupervised, a parent or guardian must be present.
  • There is no option to privately book courts outside of planned sessions – members must share if the courts are full. Please see the byelaws for more information if needed.

Club rules

Adult club information

APBC have a strong, active adult membership, from 18 – 80 playing at all levels. Most group sessions, where members can turn up and play with others, are during the evenings – but we do offer morning sessions during the week. Members can also play at the hall outside of planned sessions, whenever the courts are free – see the court availability page.

We have a range of evenings suited to different shuttles and standards of play, which can viewed to the right of the page along with suggested playing standard. This helps to ensure fair and fun games for everyone! You can find definitions of our playing standards below. The best way to find out, if unsure, is to come along to a Friday club session and play with our members who can advise you.

We use a tag board system to organise games on a club night – essentially each game is picked by the person who’s been sat off the longest, and they can only pick so far down the line of tags (which are ordered by most recently finished games) to try and ensure everyone gets equal playing time, and varied games. Doubles is the standard format.

Some nights may operate a slightly different tag system, this is to help with fairer games on nights which are focused around competitive play or team practice.

Playing standards

BeginnerHas never played before, or plays occasionally, and has little playing experience. Doesn’t know the rules well, and doesn’t know the court layout.
ImproverKnows rules and how to score, understands the court layout, can serve and sustain a short rally. Understands club playing rules (for example, the tag system).
Social PlayerKnows how to play and can serve and sustain a rally. Is able to play both backhand and forehand shots. Can score and knows basic court positions as well as apply some tactics. Is fit enough to run around the court to reach shots. Regular social players will also know club playing rules (tag system, etc), and will likely know who most people are, so they can pick balanced games.
Competitive PlayerA good standard of club player, and plays in one of the higher plastics teams, or is deemed good enough to play in a team (as may be determined by the committee).
Team PlayerIs a nominated player in one of the teams at the following levels: any feathers team, MP3 and above, LP2 and above, or CP3 and above.
Advanced PlayerPlays in a feathers team, or is a reserve for such a team, or plays at an equivalent standard (as may be determined by the committee)

MondayCompetitive (plastics) *
TuesdayAdvanced players (feathers) *
WednesdayTeam practice (plastics) *
ThursdayAdvanced players (feathers) *
FridayImprovers & social play (plastics)
SaturdayHall usually available for members to play
SundaySocial & competitive (feathers)

* Please only attend these sessions if you’ve spoken to a committee member first – otherwise you may not be able to play.

Monday amIntermediate / Competitive (plastics)
Wednesday amIntermediate / Competitive (plastics)

We have five courts inside a large, heated hall with full-height ceiling. The floor uses a professional, tournament-grade covering supplied by Gerflor. The hall is single-use, so no confusing floor markings!

There are (slightly rudimentary) changing facilities, toilets, showers and a kitchen. We have ample seating set well back from the courts.

A view of the badminton hall