Abbeydale Park Badminton Club is one of 7 sports clubs based in the grounds of Abbeydale Sports Club in South Sheffield and is the largest badminton club in Yorkshire with in excess of 100 adult and 200 junior members.

It has its own dedicated 5 court sprung floor badminton hall, which was refurbished in 2012, and caters to players of all ages and abilities from beginner to internationals.

It runs both junior & adult coaching sessions, has a range of club nights through the week aimed at different standards of player and enters 20 men’s, ladies’ and combined teams across the Sheffield and Yorkshire leagues.

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Recent News

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Men’s Feathers D vs Westfield C, 5-4. 16th October.

A close fought victory for a scraped together Men’s Feathers D last night against Westfield C.

With some last minute additions to the team, Adrian to replace the newly injured Pooch (sprained his ankle while drunk the night before, a common men’s team injury!) and Rob who was technically always in the team but only really new about it 15 minutes before the match.

With the Westfield men all turning up late the match was delayed as LP1 took 3 courts to start their match. By the time the first men’s rubbers started it was past 8 o’clock!

After a strong start to the match with Abbeydale team finding themselves 4-1 after 5 it was always going to be hard for Westfield to find a way back. However they put up a good fight with a nervy end to the match (after 10pm!) with either Adrian and Gavin or Ian and Rob needing to take their last rubbers to seal the match. Luckily Adrian and Gavin decided to trouble the scoreboard for the first time in the night with a solid win as shortly after Ian and Rob crumbled from a 19-16 lead in the first to a 20-22, 14-21 loss. This left the score at 5-4 to the home team. A shaky start with many improvements to be made!


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Combined Plastics 1 vs Westfield, 6 – 3, 9th October

A strong start to the season from Combined Plastics 1 after their recent promotion to Division 1 of the Sheffield League.

After some close fought games, laced with typical early season inconsistent play from both sides CP1 came out victorious by 6 games to 3.

Perhaps targets should be shifted from not being relegated to winning the title….perhaps to early to tell.

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Rules Update

The committee are proposing amendments to the rules. These changes can only come into effect by a majority vote at the AGM on 3 October 2016. The suggested changes can be seen on the document below. The changes have been tracked on the document so everyone can see the changes to the original rules. (To see the tracked changes, open the document and use the mouse to hover over the red line until you get a message. Click to see the tracked changes.) A copy of the changes is also displayed in the hall.

If you have any questions or comments, please see a member of the committee or attend the AGM.

Abbeydale Badminton Club AGM – Monday 3 October 2016, 7:30pm Hargreaves Room

Many thanks
Vicki Smith

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